Easycool+Air cooled compact chiller

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In order to ensure the effectiveness of the process, in most cases traditional industrial chillers consume a great deal of energy with consequential increases in production costs. Easycool+ by Aquatech overcomes this problem, because it is a chiller conceived, designed and built for cooling in specific industrial processes for plastics.

Flexibility, energy efficiency, reduced footprint and low environmental impact: Easycool+ adds value and reduces the costs associated with the investment.

The optimum temperature ensures the best product quality.
When processing plastics, the temperature ranges to be maintained for different processes can vary significantly, requiring that the chiller provides different conditions of pressure and flow rate: the flexibility of Easycool+ ensures the best operating conditions are maintained at all times.

Developed specifically for industrial plastic production processes, Easycool+ by Aquatech offers a number of benefits in a wide range of areas.



● PLUG&PLAY technology with integral circuitry in the machine
● a system made with Easycool+ is dimensioned so as to ensure the least possible coolant load
● robustness, quality components and comprehensive configuration
● energy efficiency, available in both Class B and Class A
● compact design
● power range from 10 to 500 kW, for maximum flexibility of use