CH 50-480Air cooled chillers

CH 50-480

1 X SCROLL compressor, 1 X refrigerant circuit
Cooling capacity: 6.6 to 57 kW

The CH Series of portable chillers provide low temperature water independent from any ambient condition. The range, designed for application in all the industrial sectors, assures maximum flexibility and energy efficient functioning.


● Outdoor installation versions
● Stainless steel tank
● High pressure stainless steel pump
● Automatic water by-pass valve
● Hot gas by-pass for extremely precise water temperature
● Mechanical water filter


Flexible functioning: ambient air temperatures up to +40°C
Eco-compatible: green refrigerant R407C
Reduced energy absorption and lower noise levels: scroll compressors
High efficient heat exchange: stainless steel brazed plate evaporator
Optimal flow: internal water circulation pump
Temperature stability and low thermal dispersion: internal galvanized and insulated tank
Safe functioning: high and low pressure switches, high and low pressure gauges, metal filters on condensers, flow switch
Easy to use: microprocessor control displaying key water temperature and alarms