DynatempDynamic mould temperature control unit


Dynatemp is an innovative mould temperature control system. By using pressurized water as a medium, it performs a two-stage process.

The first provides for the heating of the mould, which facilitates the inflow of the melt, resulting in uniform and complete filling even of complex geometry moulds. This avoids undesirable thermal stress of the material and greatly improves the surface quality of the moulded piece, eliminating seam lines or other imperfections. It is not necessary any paint solution and even material recycling operations are simplified.

In the second, the mould is cooled to allow the injected material to solidify. This facilitates separation of the part from the sides of the mould and thus makes it easier to eject.

The system, which can be used as auxiliary equipment with any type of injection moulding machine, has a control unit that drives both the heating and cooling of the water by means of an electrical resistance and its forced circulation in two independent circuits - one for heating and the other one for cooling- under different temperature conditions: up to 160 °C in the heating phase and down to 20 °C in the cooling phase.

Dynatemp is also suitable for moulds with conformal cooling circuits with high load losses.

Ideal for applications such as automotive (dashboard, console), consumer electronics and hi-tech, design products.



● High aesthetic quality of the moulded part
● No painting required
● Total absence of surface irregularities or structural tensions of the moulded part
● Suitable for moulds with conformal cooling channels
● Applicable and manageable as a simple mould temperature controller
● Integral control for the heating and cooling phases of the injection cycle
● Heating temperature up to 160°C
● Cooling temperature down to 20°C
● Eco-friendly technology


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