Easytherm ETPTemperature controllers for techno-polymer and high demanding applications

Easytherm ETP

Temperature controller ETP and ETPHT are models of the Easytherm family for high temperature applications up to 180°c., technical moulding and high demanding applications.

The new design is extremely compact and includes the FTH modules (Flow Through Heater), so the heating elements are no longer in contact with the process fluid. This avoids any risk of corrosion or any decrease in the heat exchange efficiency due to limestone deposits. The Easytherm pressurized version is available in two configurations according to the maximum running temperature: ETP up to 140°C and ETP-HT up to 180°c.

Easytherm is manufactured using the best in class components to assure high performances throughout the life of the machine. Easytherm is ready to communicate through a wide range of different protocols for maximum flexibility, including OPC-UA according to Euromap 82.1 standard. Easytherm is also ready to be integrated into Winfactory4.0.

Easytherm can be configured according to customer needs including the following options: flow meter for process water, pressure transmitter, temperature probes or thermocouple in the mould, automatic mould exhaust or additional filters on water connections. Easytherm is easy to use thanks to its rotating control, linked to the base LED system screen, which immediately displays the status of the machine. It is easy to manouvre thanks to the integrated handlebar and new robust wheels.


● Highly reliable and long life FTH module, without contact between fluid and heater
● Working temperature up to 140°C or 180°C
● High performance pumps and high cooling capacity
● Easier handling thanks to the new integrated handle bar and robust wheels
● Ready to communicate with multiple protocol included OPC-UA
● New layout for compact unit


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