NexthermTemperature control units with thermal energy balancing technology


Nextherm is a revolutionary design for a mold temperature control unit. It addresses the true issue with most injection molding process controls: Flow rather than Temperature. Thermal Energy Balancing Technology is used to maximize the unit’s effectiveness. Using a highly energy efficient positive-displacement gear pump with a VFD, the Nextherm can match performance of traditional temperature control units’ flow rates from 0.5 hp up to 10 hp pumps.

Coupling the variable flow rate with the Thermal Energy Balancing Technology, the Nextherm adjusts the coolant flow to maintain a uniform heat-transfer balance throughout the processing cycle. This heat-transfer balance facilitates a near uniform temperature throughout the entire mold.

Using proprietary control paradigms (LearnMold, SmartMold, BoostMold), the Nextherm has demonstrated up to 50% cycle time reduction.

Product available only to the US market.


● Thermal Energy Balancing Technology
● PLC control with 15,5” touch screen HMI
● Gear type pump with VFD
● Auto-adaptive flow rate
● Magnetic type flow sensor in place of ultrasonic type
● 50% cycle time reduction
● Adjustable up to 150 psi differential pressure
● 90-95% pump motor energy efficiency
● Match centrifugal pump performance from 0.5 hp to 10 hp
● LearnMold, StartMold, BoostMold technology
● BoostMold provides passive variotherm operation