CW 4222-8822Water cooled chillers

CW 4222-8822

2 X SCREW compressor, 2 X refrigerant circuits
Cooling capacity: 511 to 1.060 kW

The CW Series chillers provide low temperature water independent from any ambient condition. The range, designed for application in all the industrial sectors, assures maximum flexibility and energy efficient functioning.

Options for higher flexibility

● Condensation control valve, for optimal management of low condensation water temperature
● Oil flow switch kit, to keep under control the correct lubrication of the compressor
● Water flow switch device
● Evaporator connections (flanged or to welded end)
● Shock absorbers
● Serial interface for connection with WinFactory


Flexible functioning: condensation water temperature ranging from +20°C up to +40°C, and cold water temperature from +5°C up to +20°C
Efficient functioning on partial loads: setting of the cooling capacity with continuous modulation (stepless) from 25% to 100%.
Eco-compatible: green refrigerant R134a
Reduced energy absorption: high efficiency shell-and-tube evaporator and condensers
Precision of set temperature: electronic expansion valve as a standard feature
Safe functioning: high and low pressure switches, high and low pressure gauges, differential pressure switch for min/max flow
Easy to use: microprocessor control displaying key water temperature and alarms; voltage fluctuation control, phase sequence control
● Simplified installation, with facilitated and quick startup operations.