AryacoolSustainable cooling solution


The Aquatech dry cooler offers many advantages for process water cooling in industrial plants. By the use of a pressurized circuit, it is possible to keep the process water clean, thereby avoiding the risk of the growth and spread of legionella. In the adiabatic version, Aryacool uses only the quantity of water that is strictly needed, reducing waste and operating costs.

Aryacool is available in two versions:
Dry system: used when the process water temperature is 5°C above the ambient air temperature.
Adiabatic system: used in periods of high ambient temperature; sprayers nebulize water directly on the heat exchanger, promoting the cooling of both incoming air and the battery in contact with the water.

In both configurations, finned batteries can be specially treated to withstand highly corrosive environments, such as those in chemical industries or plants located near marine areas.

On request, a self-draining version or a version with PADS is available.

Main features:
● Application flexibility: various sizes and thermal capacities, suitable for free-cooling or for condensation (water cooled chillers)
● Increased energy savings, thanks to EC fans
● Water consumption reduced to a minimum, thanks to a system that uses water evaporation only during periods of high outdoor air temperature.


Cleaning of process water: control and prevention of the risk of legionella
● The closed loop system reduces maintenance costs, preventing the formation of scale on pipes and molds
Increased water saving: the adiabatic phase only starts operating at certain times of the year
● Water treatment is limited to the adiabatic phase only
Reduction in power consumption: thanks to electronic fans (EC) and rotation speed modulation during partial loads.
Automatic anti-pollen cycle. In the case of the presence of pollen or foliage, it is possible to set automatic cycles that reverse the fan rotation direction and push all superfluous materials outwards.